About 2016 Gifted Camp
Our camp is a 2-week academic, residential and fun-filled camp for Junior and Senior Secondary School students. It promises to emphasise on increasing students’ Mathematics, Sciences and ICT knowledge and skills while introducing them to Mathematics & Science Olympiad topics, Coding (Computer Programming) and as well as brain tasking games.


Each day, campers will attend classes and participate in challenges. Chess and Rubik’s cubing are also involved, all these to be taught and coordinated by experienced coaches with relevant instructional materials. While our main focus is academics, we shall also be having a fulfilled camp. Our camp will also feature sports, movie nights, fun contest, etc.

Why Should I Attend?
The importance of a gifted camp like ours cannot be over emphasised. It is an opportunity for an ordinary student to do extraordinary things. It is also an opportunity for you to get appropriate training for major international mathematics and science competitions, most of which are above school curriculum (olympiad styles). These include the American Mathematics Competitions, South African Mathematics Olympiad, International Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Informatics (Computer Programming) and other international competitions.

Your active participation as well as winning in these contests not only boosts your academic performance in your school but also increases your chances of getting into top (dream) colleges/universities after your secondary school education. 

In particular, our camp objectives are:
  • To immerse students in the study of mathematical topics not encountered in traditional secondary school curriculum (mathematics and science olympiad topics) as well as computer programming.
  • To give students what it takes to be extraordinary, a major criteria to getting into world top schools.
  • To increase the interest and curiosity of students in the study of Mathematics and sciences, the bedrock of engineering and technology, economics and commerce, architecture, among others.
  • To stimulate students interest in science, economics, engineering, etc. as a potential career path.
  • To enable students investigate the subject in depth with the guidance of an experienced olympiad coach.
  • To enable students meet and interact with other mathletes from different parts of the country thereby sharing knowledge and learning how to work as teams.

Who Can Attend?
  • Junior Category: Grade 7-9/JS 1-3 students.
  • Senior Category: Grade 10-12/SS 1-3 students.
  • Teachers: Who will like to learn more about Olympiad syllabus are also invited to oversee and attend classes.

What to Expect from Us
  • Junior Science: Science concepts taught in senior school Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Senior Science: Science concepts beyond senior school Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our main focus will be on olympiad syllabus.
  • Junior Maths: Senior school Mathematics concepts, some Further Maths concepts and simple number theory.
  • Senor Maths: Undergraduate Mathematics concepts required in national and international mathematics olympiad.
  • Informatics: Our focus will be training students to write computer program in Java programming language. There will be no Junior or Senior Informatics class. Classes may be held differently considering population but same content to be taught as well as same assessment to be given.
  • Rubik’s Cubing: We will also teach students how to solve the 3-dimensional puzzle developed the Hungarian professor Erno Rubik’s. Those who already have an idea will be able to work on their speed using the official Rubik’s timer. Rubik’s contest shall also be held to pick the fastest cube solver in the camp.
  • Chess Game: Students will taught the chess game and contest held.

Faculty & Staff
Some of our faculty include:
  • Professor Olabisi Ugbebor: Professor and Former Head, Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan.
  • Mr. A. O. Zubair:  Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan.
  • Mr. Isaac Ogunbomi: Author and experienced Biology teacher and lecturer; Trainer and Delegate at International Biology Olympiad IBO Singapore 2012 and Switzerland 2013.
  • Mr. Daniel Akintoye: Experienced Maths Olympiad and Coding Instructor; former national finalist at Budding Engineers, Scientists and Technologists (BEST) competition for undergraduate (developer of Ceppa: An Electronic Maths Tutor);
  • Mr. Ibukun Femi-Ajala: Computer Scientist from UNILAG; Microsoft Ambassador to Lagos who has worked with Intel Semi-Conductor; Founder of Intellect Land, an initiative that specialises in Rubik's Cube training.
  • Other experienced teachers in the Olympiad syllabus and Chess game.
  • Qualified medical personnel;
  • Other non – teaching staff.

Camp Daily & Class Schedule
Class schedule will be out few weeks before the camp.
Please click here to download the daily schedule (please note that this is subject to change).

Code of Conduct
In order to achieve the major aims of the camp and ensure everyone’s safety, all campers are to be guided by certain Code of Conduct, even though we believe our campers shall be of good behaviour.
Click here to download the Code of Conduct.

Expected Material
Camp materials are classified into 3 categories - mandatory, optional and contraband. Please click here to download full list.

3 meals (2 - course meals) and 1 snack daily!

Maximum security, constant power, 4-man conducive rooms with private bathroom and toilet, controlled internet access and standby medical personnel.


Other Package
Based on activities in the camp, students shall be given assessments and graded. Gold, silver and bronze medals are to be won in each area. There shall also be star prizes, other consolation prizes and gift items. Also, to be given are branded t-shirts, stationeries, camp resource CDs, certificates of participation for all (all medalist will also have special certificates), among others.

"All Work & No Play"
Sports (indoor and outdoor), entertainment (movie night, etc.).
Thames Valley College, Km 10, Sagamu-Ikoroodu Expressway, Sagamu, Ogun State.

 Arrival     = Sunday July 31st, 2016
Departure = Saturday 13th August, 2016

For more information, please use our contacts.