Canadian Team Mathematics Competitions (CTMC)
In Canadian Team Mathematics Competition, there are 6 members in each team and a school can have as many teams as possible. This competition consists of 3 events to be done within 3 hours (precisely 45 minutes each). The curriculum and level of difficulty of the questions will vary. While Junior students will be able to make significant contributions, teams without senior students may have difficulty completing all the problems.
CTMC is made up of 3 events - team event, individual event and relay event.

  • Team Event: In this event, each team has 25 questions to be done in 45 minutes. Team members are to collaborate in this event and produce the answer in an answer sheet. The use of calculator is NOT allowed in this event.

  • Individual Event: In this event, each member of the team solves 10 problems in 45 minutes. Students are not to communicate with one another during this event. The use of calculator is allowed in this event.

  • Relay Event: In this event, one student's answer to a question is needed by a teammate to solve the next question. Problems are numbered 0a-c, 1a-c, 2a-c and 3a-c. Relay 0 problems are practice problems that will not be scored. They are meant to be attempted in order to understand the logistics of the relay event. Teammates are divided into 2 groups of 3 members. They are called Relay Team 1 and Relay Team 2. Seats will be labelled 1a, 1b and 1c for Relay Team 1 while we have 2a, 2b and 2c for Relay Team 2. Students in 1a, 1b, 2a and 2b get booklet of tear-off sheets while students in 1c and 2c get answer sheets where the final answers are to be written. The same question will be completed, without interaction, by students 1a and 2a, students 1b and 2b and by students 1c and 2c of each of the 6-man team. The use of calculator is also allowed in this event and duration is 45 minutes. Students pass their answers slips from seats 1a to 1b then 1c and seats 2a to 2b then 2c. They are to pass their final answers not calculations. Students working on Repay Problem 1b or 2b and Relay Problem 1c or 2c can begin working on their questions before getting the answer from Seat 1a or 2a and 1b or 2b respectively. However, they will need the answers to complete their questions. The questions to be done by 1b or 2b and 1c or 2c will contain the acronym TNYWR. This means the number you will receive and it implies to answer to be received from 1a or 2a and 1b or 2b respectively. Students may not pass the answer sheets backwards and they must work with the answer they receive. However, if students 1a, 1b, 2a and 2b discover errors in their own works, they can calculate new answers and pass them along.

There are:
  • certificates of participation for all students
  • medals for top students
  • special recognition and prize for best student in the region.

Kindly check our resources page to download all past questions and solutions for training and practice.

To register your students, please send us on an email or call any of our numbers to get the registration sheets.