2017 South African Maths Olympiad

2017 South African Maths Olympiad

About SAMO

The South African Mathematics Olympiad (SAMO) is organised by South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF). We are proud to be a regional organiser here in Nigeria. SAMO is done in 3 rounds with the first 2 round in Nigeria and final round in South Africa. SAMO is opened for all secondary school students.

Every participant in the SAMO papers will be challenged by at least one problem and hence his or her problem solving skills will improve. Problem solving skills can be further improved by carefully working through the solutions of these rounds. Alternative and innovative solutions are presented. We recommend that the problems used in the papers are used as resources for training. There are certificates for participation from 1st round of SAMO while medals are to be won for final round. Also, from 2nd round result, best 3 students in the regional are specially recorgnised by SAMF and Les Érudits.

Other Benefits

  • Certificates of participation for all participants from Round 1 to 3
  • Certificates of Award to Regional Winners
  • Invitation to South Africa for final round
  • Top Round 3 qualifiers to be partly sponsored by us
  • Cash, medals and others prizes to be won in 2nd and 3rd Round
  • Top 10 in Round 3 gets special invitation to South Africa in September, fully sponsored by SAMF.

1st Round

For the 2017 edition, the first round is to be written on Wednesday 15th March in various schools in two main categories. The Junior category consists of separate papers for Grade 8 (Year 9) and Grade 9 (Year 10) or below and the Senior category is one paper for Grades 10 - 12 (Years 11 - 13). Each paper consists of 20 questions with multiple-choice answers. Time allowed is one hour to complete the paper. Each school is provided with the questions and solutions electronically this time. For this round, the School Coordinator/Maths Teacher marks the papers and send result of students who made 50% and above via email.

2nd Round

Students who got at least 50% in the 1st round qualify for the 2nd round, to be written on Wednesday 10th May, 2017. This time, there is same paper for all Grades/Year Groups in the Junior category while there is still same paper for all Grades/Year Groups in the Senior category. Students have exactly two hours to complete twenty questions. This is not multiple choice. However, solution is not required but the answer only. This takes place in at designated centres in your regions and to be graded by the SAMF in South Africa.

3rd Round

The best 100 students from the Senior and Junior categories from the 2nd round qualify for the 3rd round. This takes place in South Africa on Thursday 27th July, 2017. This is strictly by invitation from South African Maths Foundation.


There are materials published by SAMF for the preparation of SAMO. For more about this and how to get them, please contact us via the email below. Also, treating past questions is one of the best ways to succeed in Maths competitions. Kindly click here to download past papers and solutions.

Last Year Winners

At the 2016 edition, 8 students from The Ambassadors' College Ota, Greensprings Lekki and Day Waterman College made it to the final round among which a Greensprings reached top 10 and won silver medal while others also get amazing awards. Please check the news sections to read more and also on our facebook page.

Registration Deadline

The 2017 South African Maths Olympiad (SAMO) registration has commenced. Deadline for registration is Friday 27th January, 2017. To register, please email info@erudits.com.ng for the registration sheet.