SAMO 2016: Provincial Winners and Prizes

SAMO 2016: Provincial Winners and Prizes

On behalf of the South African Maths Foundation (SAMF), we would like to congratulate all school and student(s) who participated in the 2016 South African Mathematics Olympiad and those who have done exceptionally well to make the nation proud.

It would be recalled that 2016 SAMO started with Round 1 on 9 March 2016 with over 85,000 participants. Of these, a total of 7,255 students wrote the 2nd Round on 11 May, 2016. This number was reduced to 200 (100 junior and 100 senior students only) who were invited to participate in the final round on 27 July 2016. For the first time, 8 exceptional students (7 junior and 1 senior students) represented our great country Nigeria in Pretoria, South Africa and one of them made it to top 10 at the end of Round 3 and was specially invited to the award ceremony on 24 September 2016 where he won awards and cash prize including flight to the ceremony as well as accommodation.

Based on Round 2 performances, Provincial Prizes have been awarded. Provincial Winners receive the following prizes as co-sponsored by Liberty and South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA):

     (1) Winner = Gold medal, award certificate and R400 voucher

     (2) 1st Runner Up = Silver medal, award certificate and R200 voucher

     (3) 2nd Runner Up = Bronze medal, award certificate and R100 voucher

Gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal and voucher card

As South Africa has 9 provinces, participants from other countries are classified under Province 10 tagged as “Outside SA,” a set we are elements of. We are glad to announce the following 5 students as Provincial Winners from Nigeria, based on second Round performance.

            (1) Glory Okoli of The Ambassadors’ College Ota Ogun - Junior Winner

           (2) Wisdom Omodiagbe of The Ambassadors’ College, Ota, Ogun State - Junior 1st Runner Up

           (3) Wyse Ebbah of Greensprings Schools, Lekki, Lagos State, Junior 1st Runner Up

           (4) Favour Okpapi of Day Waterman College, Owode, Ogun State, Junior 2nd Runner Up

           (5) Ayooluwa Oguntade of The Ambassadors’ College, Ota Ogun State - Senior 1st Runner Up

Bronze medals of the remaining 7 SAMO Round 3 participants (as Wyse won a silver medal already awarded in SA)

For previous news on their SAMO achievements, please click here. More pictures may also be viewed/downloaded from our Facebook page.

Aside the Round 3 souvenirs some of you might have received from us at Les Érudits, please note that special prizes await these Provincial Winners as a token of our appreciation of their impressive performances. This shall be disclosed in due course and communicated to schools as soon as possible.

We thank you once again for your invaluable support. We hope to see your students in SAMO 2017!

For more information, please contact us via any of these channels.